NEW single! Brethren of Hell - May 2019

New single for late 2019/early 2020 album. For this one we went back to our roots for a fun upbeat song without all the doom and gloom. Its all about the rock n roll on this one. More music will be coming soon and the next album is sure to be a banger.

Psychic Dose 2019 lineup

Amanda Howell

Andrew Costantino
Guitar + Vocals

Lord Gothryd
Bass Guitar

Pete Flower
"Psychic Dose Summon Unearthly Storm in Gripping Third Album"
Doomed and

photo by Angel America Elza
"Instantly recognizable by the wild and witchy vocals of Amanda Howell (who happily matches that persona on stage), the band is completed by Andrew Costantino on guitar, Lord Gothryd on bass, and Jeff Lenard on drums. Psychic Dose last portioned out their potent, swampy brew in 2016 with the widely hailed Myrkvišr, follow-up to the record that first cast its spell upon us: 2015’s Satyrnalia. The Fort Myers clan has always mischievously danced along the borders of doom metal, heavy psych, and wicked occult rock. This time, while none of the fun has disappeared, I must say that this is their most intense songwriting effort to date."
  • Read the entire article and record review HERE
Gateway to Annwn released June 2019

"Gateway To Annwn" is a conceptual, drone album combining elements of doom metal, minimalism and ambient noise. It was released on Russian record label, Narcoleptica Productions in May 2019. The idea was to create an atmospheric soundscape inspired by dark horror and the legendary Welsh folk tales. The album was given praise beyond any expectations from the band and we are honored to have worked with Narcoleptica on its release.