Maleficium Volume 1 : Death of the Sorcerer
Released in September 2018, Forsaken Records. The album is a concept which follows a narrative. The story follows the black magic musings of a witch as she dabbles in the forbidden acts of necromancy and demonology.. The council of Wizards discovers her acts of Maleficium and imprisons her. Eventually she will escape her bondage and have her revenge. There are plans to follow up with Volume 2 sometime in the future.

Released in December 2016, Forsaken Records. This album was a clear departure from the 2015 debut album, Satyrnalia. This is a homage to the early thrash metal. The theme are a bit darker focusing more on the forces of trasformation and destruction with an emphasis on Norse and Germanic mythology.

Released in August 2015, Forsaken Records. Debut Album. Deep in the remote thicket of some hippie's backyard an unspeakable force of forest dwellers began to stir. A congregation of Witches concluded that their people required ceremonial psychedelic dosages of unrelenting Rock 'N Roll. Thus, Psychic Dose was born

Satyrnalia was also released as a limited edition cassette package by German label Tapeworship Records in 2016. The package came with a patch, a sticker, poster and deluxe box.

Gateway to Annwn
Released in May 2019, Narcoleptica Productions. "Gateway To Annwn" is a conceptual, drone album combining elements of doom metal, minimalism and ambient noise. It was released on Russian record label, Narcoleptica Productions in May 2019. The idea was to create an atmospheric soundscape inspired by dark horror and the legendary Welsh folk tales.