"Psychic Dose Spin Frightening, Enchanting Tales in ‘Satyrnalia’"
By “Papa” Paul Rote (with Billy Goate)
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"Satyrnalia is an LP chock full of stories of fantasy creatures of a pagan land"
"Musically you have heavy seventies psychedelic metal with best use of the wah pedal since the seventies."

Paul Rote
Satyrnalia debuted at number 25 in the September 2015 Doom charts CLICK HERE to read more.

"Psychic Dose take a pinch of Royal Thunder's bluesy stoner, a spoonful of Witch Mountain's retro doom add a smattering of Purson's pop/psych sensibility and sprinkle it all with a healthy dose of fuzz and distortion, creating a sound that is familiar but wholly their own."
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"The band's sound has notably evolved since their debut album Satyrnalia. The lyrics are still influenced by paganism and fantasy, but the music is heavier, characterized by a more sinister and morbid sound; less 70's proto/traditional doom metal and more 80's doom metal/heavy metal."
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"Take an acid trip down this occult hellhole of horror and musical madness. Lurid and nasty in the best of ways, this utterly intoxicating bluesy doom experience will make you an addict. The lo-fi sound mix only adds to the gnarliness. Smoke kush and give your body to the Dark Lord."
Hollywood Metal ~Henrik Thøgersen
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"Hailing from Florida, Psychic Dose is a four piece Doom Metal band that slowly builds momentum. Although having released three records before Maleficium Volume 1: Death of the Sorcerer, this record is their first concept album."
"All in all this is a great Doom Metal release. Although not being known that much, Psychic Dose managed to release a quality record which shows improvement from all members as a band. "

Sputnik Music ~Rastapunk
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"Lento y tenebroso abre una caminar por oscuros bosques éste “MALEFICIUM VOLUME 1: DEATH OF THE SORCERER” con sus suaves y humeantes acordes de tinte ocultista."
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"Aus dem schönen Florida schießt eine musikalische Infusion in die Herzen der Schwermetaller. PSYCHIC DOSE stellen 2018 die notwendige Dosis Heavy Metal zur Verfügung, so wie es im vergangenen Jahr SANHEDRIN mit ´A Funeral For The World´ taten"
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"Psychic Dose Summon Unearthly Storm in Gripping Third Album"
Doomed and Stoned ~Billy Goat
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Listen to the album debut and interview from the Doomed and Stoned podcast from 2018.